Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is the first thing anyone notices about you, and it can be embarrassing to smile if your teeth are stained. Unfortunately, most everything we eat and drink on a daily basis has the potential to stain teeth. No one feels confident with yellow teeth, which is why so many dental patients prefer to have their dentist whiten their teeth. Coffee and red wine in addition to tobacco and many other things so many people enjoy can turn the brightest smile into one that fills you with embarrassment. You don’t have to walk around ashamed to smile with your teeth, however.

Whitening is a proven method that provides you with a more beautiful smile as well as more confidence. it’s easy to feel good about yourself when you can smile with confidence knowing that your teeth are white. If you’re not entirely sure about the process just yet, you might feel better knowing just a bit more about how professional teeth whitening works and what it can do for you.

Not All Whitening is the Same

Not all patients use the same whitening process. It’s not uncommon to recommend that you do an in-office bleaching or a dental kit to take home. Both are effective, but it’s hard to tell you what you need until we see your dental records and examine your teeth. What you should know is that our in-office whitening kit is stronger and typically more effective than those you can do at home, which is why patients opt for our services rather than handling their own whitening.

Bleaching is the most popular form of teeth whitening, and it can take anywhere from a half-hour to a full hour in the office. Additionally, we won’t know until after your first session whether or not a second whitening treatment is needed; every patient is different. The first order of business is to protect your gums with a shield before we apply the bleach to your teeth. If you choose to have a kit sent home with you, we fit you for a custom mouthpiece to send home to protect your gums. We also provide you with detailed instructions how to use the whitening kit at home.


Whitening is not something we recommend to all our patients. If you have teeth that have a grayish color or even a brownish color, the whitening process will not work at all or it will only work a little. It’s designed more for yellowed teeth stained by your everyday abuse. If you have fillings, whitening will not work for those, either.

If you choose to use an at-home whitening kit, it works very much like the kit we use to send home with you. However, your teeth might not respond well depending on the staining present as well as the work you’ve had done in the past. We always recommend you check with us before you attempt to whiten your own teeth as it might not turn out how you expect. The final consideration is that bleaching does make your teeth feel more sensitive. The sensitivity does reside once your treatments are over, but it can be uncomfortable in the meantime.

Teeth whitening is a simple process that most anyone can try. If you are ashamed to smile because your teeth are no longer as pretty as they once were, you might be an ideal candidate for this process. Our Logan Utah dental professionals are well-versed in determining how much treatment is required to obtain the level of white you prefer. Let us help you make your smile more beautiful today.

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