Pediatric Dentistry in Logan

Pediatric Dentistry in Logan

Your children’s teeth might fall out in a few years to make room for their permanent teeth, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the health of baby teeth. Pediatric dentistry is designed specifically to help you and your little one learn all there is to know about good oral health, and we work hard to make your kids feel comfortable at the dentist. Our role as pediatric dentists is to keep your kids’ teeth and mouths healthy from birth until they become adults and begin to see a regular dentist.

It’s crucial for kids to see the pediatric dentist from the time that they are six months of age so that they learn how to feel comfortable and how to properly care for their teeth. The earlier they learn the importance of good oral health, the more likely children are to continue to practice good oral health. Since we know that oral health is directly related to overall health, we know parents want their kids to learn to care for their teeth as early as possible.

What Makes A Pediatric Dentist?

The difference between a dentist and a pediatric dentist is a small one, and it has to do with our residency. We specialize for two years after dental school in small kids and their oral health. When we finish four years of dental school, we then spend two years working as a resident in training with a pediatric dentist to learn all there is to know about working with small kids and their oral health.

What makes a pediatric dentist different than a regular dentist is the office. We see children as young as infants through their teenage years. We see no patients older than that. Pediatric dental offices are more child-friendly, and everyone here is experienced working with kids through various levels of fear and comfort. This makes us very good at what we do.

Why See A Pediatric Dentist?

Your kid’s teeth are important. Even though they will fall out, their health now does affect their health later. What we strive for is to teach your kids the importance of good oral health care so that their mouths do not suffer later on. Kids who learn how to properly care for their teeth now are far more likely to continue to do so throughout their teenage years and into their adult years, which often results in far better oral health.

Children who see the dentist ever six months are far less likely to develop serious oral health issues over time. By seeing them regularly, we are able to diagnose potential health issues in the gums and teeth while they’re still developing, which allows us to take control of them much easier. Your children need to see the pediatric dentist every six months from the time they are around six months of age.

Your child’s smile is at risk if you do not take him or her to the dentist throughout childhood. Our job is to determine whether or not your child needs any corrective procedures such as braces before it becomes a bigger problem, which can lead to fewer dental expenses for you. More importantly, it helps your child learn to develop confidence in their smile, which is something all kids need.

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