When Should a Toddler go to the Dentist?

When Should a Toddler go to the Dentist?

It is a very exciting time when your baby’s first tooth erupts, and they have their first tooth or first two teeth. Sometimes baby’s will have two teeth that will erupt at the same time, and it is usually the bottom two teeth in the middle. Now that your baby has teeth, the question on your mind may be when should toddler go to the dentist. That is a good question and can be answered with a few facts.

Babies get teeth at different ages. You may notice that they are cranky or maybe they have a low-grade fever. If your toddler has not had their first tooth by the time they are fifteen months old, it is time to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist. They will look in their mouth to see if there is anything going on. In very rare cases, there is a disease where children grow up without any teeth at all. That is extremely rare so it should not be anything you should worry about. Sometimes when you start realizing that your child may never get any teeth, they will start to come in. Their teeth are very stubborn, and it may take a while for their first tooth to make their big debut.

If your toddler has their first tooth, then you should take them to the dentist after they have at least three other teeth. This is what you can do if you really want to keep up with their dental appointments and keep their teeth looking healthy. At their first appointment it will give your toddler the chance to get used to sitting in the dentist chair and to become familiar with their dentist. It will also give you a chance to see the interaction between your child’s dentist and your child. It is important for them to have a good bond so your toddler will feel very comfortable with that person.

The very last fact is that your child should go to the dentist no later than one years old. Sometimes a child may have all their teeth by the time they are one. If your child’s teeth are coming in pretty fast, then you should stick with the second fact or wait until six months after they get their first tooth. Your child’s dentist will count the teeth and do as little cleaning as possible. The goal for the dentist is to look to see if they are growing in healthy. They will also give you instructions on what to do such as how to brush each tooth as it comes in.

When should dollars go to the dentist is an important question and something that all parents have to face. You may want to take them after they have had a few teeth, once they reach their first birthday, or even if they do not have any teeth. You will have to take your child to the dentist once they have reached one of these three facts. This way you will know what to do and how often your child will need to go during those first few years.